SPECIAL: Yin Yoga on the topic of "Kleshas"

On Monday, May 3rd, 2021 the Anusara yoga class will be replaced by a 90-minute Yin yoga class on the topic of "Kleshas".

Patanjali mentions 5 kleshas at the beginning of the second chapter of the yoga sutra and means by this the causes of the pain or suffering are:
1.) Avidya (translated as ignorance)
2.) Asmita (translated with identification)
3.) Raga (translated as attachment)
4.) Dvesha (translated with dislike)
5.) Abhinivesha (translated as fear of death)

In the Yin yoga class we will focus on Klesha 3 and 4 and follow a corresponding sequence that transmits these terms into physical exercises.

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