Corporate Identity von Nina Raem für den Arbeitsbereich Freediven


Freediving gives people a completely new approach to body awareness and therefore has a certain similarity to yoga. Freediving is magical and fascinating at the same time, it captivates us and can definitely be addictive.

On the one hand, freediving is about relaxation, but on the other hand it is also very much about technique, e.g. as we progress in our practice we learn different methods of pressure equalization. For some people freediving is a sport, for me it is more than that. For me personally freediving also has both a psychological and an aesthetic aspect.

In my lessons you will learn to get to know yourself better under water, to deal with difficult situations, to regulate yourself. You can finally integrate this conscious, calm approach into your everyday life and thus reduce your stress.

For more general information on freediving click HERE.

There are now various organizations that have developed systematic training programs. The oldest of these organizations is AIDA. You can find more information HERE. Seit 2021 durchlief ich das AIDA-System und biete nun auch AIDA courses an.

M +4917621967547

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