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Gift!!! Free downloads: PDFs & audios

Free Downloads for all areas of my work: YOGA, FREEDIVE and COACHING.

For some time now I have been working on two Yoga Nidra Recordings that will soon be available to download free of charge from this website. At the moment (as of February 12, 2024) these are still preliminary, unedited versions, but they will soon be replaced.

Two of the PDFs I provide are yoga sequences for freedivers that I created. I developed the PDF “yoga for divers” as part of my training for AIDA Freedive instructor. The work includes both Yang and Yin yoga sequences. On the basis of the final presentation, I then developed the booklet “Yin Yoga for Freedivers”, which goes into Yin Yoga in more detail and takes up, expands and supplements the previous sequences.
For all those who would like to go fundiving and record their experiences and would like to create a corresponding “diary”, the PDF “Fundives Dahab Diary” is suitable.

I designed a stress notebook specifically for the topic of stress. The notebook is intended to help you first write down the stress you are experiencing so that you can better analyze and understand it. Of course, it continues step by step with learning tools to reduce stress and strategies for the desired resilience behavior.

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