Weihnachtsferien Yoga vom 24.12. bis 02.01.2023

Christmas holidays from December 25th, 2022 to January 2nd, 2023

Christmas holidays: At the end of the year there will also be a short Christmas break this year.

After it on 24.12. there is another free yoga class - my Christmas present to my loyal students, I'm going to take a little vacation afterwards.

On Monday, January 2nd we will start again with a dynamic Anusara yoga class at 7pm. At the beginning of the year we are in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. He is known for his discipline. We will need these! After all that sitting and eating, in Capricorn we focus on our feet and legs. We will stretch the backs and fronts of the legs, focus primarily on standing positions (frontal, lateral) and then transition into Aquarius with backbends at the end of the four-week Capricorn cycle.

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