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Nina Raem in der Yogastellung "die Taube" vor dem Computer Yoga übend

There are several advantages to practicing yoga online, but there are also disadvantages.
As a rule, one of the tasks of a yoga teacher is to look closely at the students while teaching in order to react accordingly to what they see. This is not the case when teaching online, as the teachers demonstrate the exercises at the same time. Apart from that, atmospheres are created in yoga classes that are difficult to reconstruct via the internet. In Anusara Yoga, the teaching is mainly verbal, i.e. precise announcements guide the practitioners through the class, secondary are the so-called hands-on, which are used rather sparingly and carefully to support the students (in Anusara Yoga the term "corrections” is avoided as it is little about the fixed image of a position to be assumed, but rather the application of alignment principles that look different in each body). In this regard, Anusara Yoga has an advantage over other yoga styles that involve a lot of physical contact.
A big plus of online yoga is the local independence, so you can take your laptop or mobile phone with you on vacation, for example. Yoga teachers who love to travel can also keep in touch with their students online. In pandemic times, the benefits of teaching and practicing online are self-explanatory.
I teach my yoga classes online with the help of the software zoom, which can easily be downloaded from the net. 30 minutes before the yoga session, a link will be sent via email so that you can dial into the meeting. The hours are usually 75 minutes. There are different subscriptions and cards, please inquire if you are interested. Yoga online can also be an additional way of organizing health prevention in companies, associations or administrations.

Yoga course for beginners via recording (youtube videos)
Course 5 parts: 5x 90 minutes Anusara Yoga = 49 €
Course 8 parts: 8x 90 minutes of Anusara Yoga = 69 €

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