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Nina Raem unterrichtet die AIDA Kurse 1,2,3. Hier stehend nach einer Übung STATIC (eine der Freitauchdisziplinen)

AIDA 1: Introduction to Freediving

In this one-day introductory course, you will learn the absolute basics of freediving, such as the breathing cycle. In 2×3 hours you will be given theoretical information, but you will also go into the water and approach both the first exercises of time diving and deep diving. This module in the AIDA training system is not absolutely necessary for participation in the AIDA*2 course, but gives you the opportunity to try out freediving without having to accept large costs. In this sense, there are no special requirements to be allowed to participate in the following AIDA*2 course.
Price: 120 € (+ possible rental fees for the equipment, script included)

AIDA 2: Build a foundation

The AIDA*2 course usually takes 2 to 2.5 days. You will learn the basics of freediving, the necessary practical skills and theoretical knowledge to be able to dive safely as a recreational freediver. You will also learn to orientate yourself on the buoy and to carry out the relevant safety precautions in a solid manner. In the AIDA*2 course you get a first impression of the various disciplines such as time diving, distance diving and deep diving. Putting on the equipment and free diving with equipment will become familiar for you. Other important aspects are breathing and relaxation. During the course you will learn more about both. Maximum depth in this course is 16 meters.
Price: 280 € (+ possible rental fees for the equipment, AIDA manual included)

AIDA 3: Advanced Freediving

The AIDA*3 course is designed for advanced recreational freedivers. Building on the skills you have learned in the previous course, you will be taught new theoretical knowledge as well as new practical tools, such as special training methods, over the course of 3 days. You will also develop a new technique for equalizing your pressure and you will gain initial experience with the so-called free fall, so that you can dive deeper without any problems. In order to make your dives with your buddies safer, you will also be taught further safety exercises.

At the end of the course you will be able to hold your breath for 2:45 minutes, dive 55m and 24 to 32m deep.
Price: 350 € (+ possible rental fees for the equipment, AIDA manual included)

Also: Open Water Coaching

In addition to the AIDA courses, I also offer individual Open Water Coachings outside of the AIDA course system. They are aimed at beginners who want an introduction to freediving and at advanced freedivers who are primarily looking for mental training and support.

M +4917621967547

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