Trainings 2023

Auch in diesem Jahr nehme ich an zwei Weiterbildungen statt, die mein Wissen zum Thema „Stress“ bereichern. Bei der AHAB-Akademie absolvierte ich in 2022 bereits meine Coachingausbildungen (Mental & Atem), 2023 kommen Yoga Nidra und die Stressmanagement-Trainerin hinzu. Ich hoffe, Ende des Jahres auch meine Ausbildung zur Freedive-Instruktion (Open Water) abschließen zu können, so dass […]

New timetable for summer 2023

Yes, it's time. A new timetable for the summer is available. From June 5th, 2023 there will be new courses, above all live in Berlin. I will leave Dahab on May 23rd and return to Germany. First I'm going to Hamburg and Bremen, then from June 5th I'll be back in Berlin. New schedule […]

Breathing course in Berlin from June 6th, 2023

In this breathing course, which will start on June 6th, 2023 at 7:30 p.m. in Berlin-Friedrichshain in the physiotherapy practice at Ostkreuz, you will learn all the basics in 8 weeks that are important to better perceive your breath and to deepen it. You will be taught cooling, relaxing breathing techniques as well as warming, energizing ones. The following contents are part [...]

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