Gift!!! Free downloads: PDFs & audios

Free downloads for all areas of my work: YOGA, FREEDIVE and COACHING. YOGAFor some time now I have been working on two Yoga Nidra recordings, which will soon be available to download free of charge from this website. At the moment (as of February 12, 2024) these are still preliminary, unedited versions, but they will soon be replaced. FREEDIVETwo of the PDFs I provide […]

Trainings 2023

This year I am also taking part in two further training courses that will enrich my knowledge on the topic of “stress”. I completed my coaching training (mental & breath) at the AHAB Academy in 2022, and Yoga Nidra and stress management trainer will be added in 2023. I hope to be able to complete my freedive instruction (open water) training at the end of the year so that […]

New timetable for summer 2023

Yes, it's time. A new timetable for the summer is available. From June 5th, 2023 there will be new courses, above all live in Berlin. I will leave Dahab on May 23rd and return to Germany. First I'm going to Hamburg and Bremen, then from June 5th I'll be back in Berlin. New schedule […]

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