Yoga for Beginners

Nina Raem demonstriert Yoga für Anfänger*innen, die Yogastellung das Kind und richtet ihre aktiven Finger aus

There are endless reasons why we should practice yoga

In yoga for beginners you will learn the basics of yoga on 8 consecutive dates. Hatha yoga focuses on the physical aspect of yoga, primarily the postures (asanas) are practiced, later breathing techniques are added (pranayama). Anusara Yoga, the style of yoga I teach, includes 5 alignment principles, along with another 7 loops that refine the principles. The exercises are carried out precisely in this system. Standing positions are the focus of yoga for beginners for the time being, but hip openers, forward bends, twists and back bends are also practiced. Arm balances and inverted postures, on the other hand, are then taught in an advanced course. At the end of each session there is a rest period in which you learn to relax your body. Please bring comfortable clothing and a drink, but mats, blankets, blocks and belts will be provided.

Yoga course for beginners via recording (youtube videos)
Course 5 parts: 5x 90 minutes Anusara Yoga = 49 €
Course 8 parts: 8x 90 minutes of Anusara Yoga = 69 €

M +4917621967547

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