Nina Raem sitzend neben einer Schülerin unterrichtet die Yoga Wechselatmung

Coming Soon: Breathing course online 2024

The online breathing course will start on Wednesday, January 17, 2024. Breathing techniques from yoga are taught and practiced on 5 dates over 75 minutes. This course is not about so-called breathwork and we will not hyperventilate.

OBJECTIVES of the course include refining breathing awareness and replacing shallow, everyday breathing with deep, conscious breathing. The breath can be used to energize or calm us depending on our needs. If you have symptoms of stress, breathing techniques can be used to reduce stress.

COMPONENTS of the breathing course online are:
– Breath awareness
– Breath and movement, stretching/mobilization of the respiratory muscles
– Breathing techniques

The online breathing course is basically suitable for everyone, including beginners. Of course, it makes sense to have basic knowledge of yoga, although that is not a must.

For further information please click HERE!

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