Corporate Identity von Nina Raem für den Arbeitsbereich Coaching

Transformation in Practice

"The biggest decision of your life is that you can change your life by changing your mindset." Albert Schweitzer

There is no uniform definition of the general term coaching. "Coach" means something like carriage and can therefore be understood as a tool to set off and achieve a goal. In my understanding, coaching is a creative process of client and coach, whereby both meet on an equal footing. The coach is seen as a process consultant who personally advises and supports the client. Unlike in psychotherapy, it is not about the client coming to terms with the past, but about creating a vision of the future and implementing it.

General goals of coaching include:

  • Support in personal goal setting, goal tracking, goal achievement
  • Stress reduction and development of strategies for better stress management
  • Strengthening of problem-oriented coping and the expectation of self-efficacy
  • Stimulate and improve self-reflection
  • Increase in self-confidence
  • Improving emotional balance

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Coaching is not psychotherapy and does not serve as a substitute for psychotherapeutic treatment. In a personal approx. 30-minute preliminary talk live or via zoom, in addition to getting to know each other for the time being, very general organizational topics are discussed. It is recorded in writing that the client is psychologically healthy and is aware that coaching can certainly initiate noticeable mental change processes.

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