Nina Raem sitzend bei der Arbeit mit verschränkten Armen am Hinterkopf eine Yoga Übung ausführend (Yoga & Arbeit)

Healthy employees cost money, sick people a fortune

In times when more and more people are suffering from stress and its consequences, it makes sense to strengthen their health with yoga & work where they spend most of their day-to-day life - at work.

Yoga at work can look different. Instructions for short, simple exercises performed directly at the workplace are just as effective as long-term yoga classes of 60 or 90 minutes.

Formate von Yoga & Arbeit
Yoga for an "active lunch break"
Yoga after-work hours

Offers & fees
Concept 1: Creating a foundation
10 Termine „Yoga bei der Arbeit für Anfänger*innen“ über 60/90 Minuten
Costs: 60/80 €

Concept 2: keep it going
Continuous yoga course 1x per week for 60/90 minutes
Costs: 60/80 €

Concept 3: quick & fit
120-minute workshop with exercises for the neck, shoulders and back; individual recommendations for regular practice for a strengthened working day
Costs: 180 €

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