Breath Coaching

Nina Raem erklärt einer Klientin die Yoga Wechselatmung

Breath means life

Due to my background as a yoga teacher, breathing techniques from yoga are mainly learned in my breathing coaching sessions, but there are also other schools that deal with breathing and practice corresponding exercises. Depending on the goal of the coaching, both activating and calming breathing techniques are instructed. Components of each training include exercises for breathing awareness, mobilizing the upper body and respiratory muscles and combining breath and movement, yoga breathing techniques, and relaxation at the end of each session.

Breath coaching is aimed at people who want to reduce their stress, at people with existing pronounced risk factors for a disease of the cardiopulmonary system, patients with mild chronic obstructive respiratory diseases such as bronchial asthma or hay fever, snorers and people who suffer from sleep disorders such as e.g. suffer from sleep apnea and strength and endurance athletes who want to increase their performance.

It is important to note that the sessions are not breathing therapy, just coaching, which in some cases follows breathing therapy.

The breathing coaching takes place in individual lessons as well as in groups. If you are interested in group training, please contact me directly. In addition to breath coaching, I also offer one.

Individual sessions and group lessons live in summer in Berlin and in autumn and winter in Dahab and online via zoom.

Individual sessions:
Live sessions (60/90/120 min.): Prices on request
Online sessions (60 min.) : Price on request
Group lessons:
Breathing course online (5 x 75 min.): 50 €
Breathing course live (8 x 90 min.): 95 €
Breathing course live (4 x 90 min.): 50 €

M +4917621967547

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