Yoga for Freedivers

Yoga for Divers: Nina Raem zeigt eine Übung für Freedivers (den Fisch) zum Dehnen des Zwerchfells

Diving is not just diving. Most people only think of scuba diving, free diving or free diving (apnea) is less common. The two types of diving are completely different approaches, but yoga for freedivers is very useful for both.

Why do yoga and freediving complement each other so wonderfully? Both yoga for freedivers and freediving are physical activities that use little language and focus on body awareness. Both disciplines are about depth; in yoga for a deep introspection, in free diving, when we dive into deep water, we also encounter inner states that are reflected. The atmospheric experience is another aspect that both have in common. Almost the most important quality, however, is the importance of the breath. In yoga as well as in free diving, the breath is the ultimate orientation. For this reason, freedivers are also increasingly using yoga breathing techniques. In summary, it can be said that both disciplines complement each other perfectly. Yoga also benefits from freediving, after all breath-holding (Antara/Bahya Kumbhaka) can be developed through freediving.

Quick & Go
Constant Yoga
Workshop „dive deep“

Offers & fees
Offer 1: Quick & Go (yoga before the dive)
Individual appointments for diving groups over 30/45/60 minutes to relax and stretch the torso
Costs: depending on the size of the group and the time required, from 45 €

Offer 2: Constant Yoga (Yoga especially for divers)
Continuous yoga course for divers over 90 minutes with special exercises for the torso and breathing techniques
Costs: 80 €

Offer 3: Workshop „dive deep“
150-minute compact workshop for divers with exercises for the torso and special breathing techniques, especially for freedivers
Costs: 180 €

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