Yin Yoga

Nina Raem in der Yin Yogastellung namens cat tail

My yin yoga classes are usually dedicated to a physical topic, e.g. the focus on the pelvis, the shoulders. But it can also encompass the entire body. Other teachers, on the other hand, have specialized in Traditional Chinese Medicine or are increasingly incorporating meditations into their lessons.

Yin Yoga is the opposite pole to Yang Yoga, i.e. to the dynamic, powerful Hatha Yoga, which is mainly practiced. In Yin Yoga, the practitioners stay much longer in the individual positions, which are carried out passively and mostly while sitting or lying down. If the muscles are primarily addressed in Yang Yoga, Yin Yoga is about the deeper layers of the connective tissue, the fasciae. They can only be stretched if the postures are taken over a longer period of 5 to 6 minutes. In contrast to Anusara Yoga and its clear alignment and a straight back, the back is rounded in Yin Yoga, which intensifies the stretching. The positions, which also have their own names are supported with blankets, pillows and blocks so that the body is treated individually and the asana is adapted accordingly. The Yin yoga practice is in most cases a very grounding, calm series of exercises.

In most cases, the Yin Yoga practice is a very grounding, calm series of exercises.

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