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Pool Coaching | Freedive | Angebot: Einführung für Anfänger*innen & mentales Training für Fortgeschrittene

Pool coaching takes you forward!

Are you looking for support for your pool training? Are you a beginner and would you like an introduction to the pool disciplines of freediving? Or are you already advanced in your freediving practice, maybe already have a training program and need mental support to complement your physical exercises?

My coaching is aimed at freedivers who are new and want to experience an introduction to the pool and at freedivers who want to prepare themselves mentally for the pool, are looking for suitable relaxation methods and want to focus on them.

As a mental and breathing coach, my coaching is very much about the mental level, which also plays a central role in addition to the appropriate training program. Various methods from mental training such as visualization, imagination and affirmations are used to harness the power of thought.

There are also relaxation exercises from yoga. A number of approaches can be followed:
1.) Yin Yoga stretches the deeper fascia and activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which relaxes us.
2.) Breathing exercises do not ensure optimal preparation for the lungs, but also regulate the nervous system, strengthen the immune system and depending on the breathing techniques chosen, they can also cleanse and energize the body.
3.) Yoga Nidra is a method of deep relaxation, which can be a great enrichment, especially when practicing STA.

1 coaching: 40 € (1 person), 30 € (2 people)
5 coaching sessions: 190 € (1 person), 140 € (2 people)
10 Coaching: 360 € (1 person), 270 € (2 people)


M +4917621967547
E nina@ninaraem.de

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