Fundives Dahab

Nina Raem beim Fundiven unter Wasser sitzend auf dem Schildkrötenexpress und Buddy Ahmed Adel Abbou

Fundives Dahab: Joy, Fun and Relaxation in Egypt

Would you like to dive and learn more about freediving without having to take a course and perform? Do you want to feel safer in the water, have some snorkeling experience and need a.) a buddy and b.) would like some guidance? Are you on vacation and want to get out for a weekend and enjoy freediving? Do you want to free dive, but prefer to move freely without equipment and weights? Do you prefer looking at the reef and the colorful fish instead of the rope of your buoy? Have you trained a lot and are you bored of your buoy?

If anything applies to you or you have another reason to want fundiven, Fundives Dahab is the place for you.

Freediving can also be learned without performance pressure and requirements, outside of the AIDA courses. In the fundives you will either dive with me or with a small group. You will playfully gain your experience with free diving, have fun in the water and relax and get to know your body better under water.

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